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Tu Duong dai tôn ho Dang Vu

The known part of the Dang Vu family tree can be traced back as far as 1765 when Vu Huê Hôi, known as Vu Thiên Thê, a descendant of Vu Hôn joined the community of Hanh Thiên after he married Dang Thi Tu Giang . They had three daughters and six sons. Their descendants number in the thousands, scattered nowadays on all over the world.

The purpose of this website is to provide any and all descendants of Vu Thiên Thê and Dang Thi Tu Giang, a starting point to learn about the Dang Vu genealogy and help them to trace their own lineage.

The family-group pages contain genealogical information on the individuals and on the generation to which they belong. The family tree pages display the tree of the descendants lines. Links to the genealogy of the spouses' families are created whenever the information is available.

The website includes photos (old and recent) submitted by family members. Links are included to Dang Vu associations websites and to a number of personal websites developed by family members.

In order to facilitate association between descendants, this site provides a chat room for online discussions and a guest book for the exchange of messages.

The genealogy information gathered here came from various sources (see the bibliography). Records in this site do not contain material which is intentionally embarrassing. If for privacy reasons you are concerned that your name or other data appear on this site, upon your request your entry will be removed from the records.

If you have further information to offer or corrections to make, please send a mail to

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